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HIS NUMBERING - It's with all FIVE senses That the believer SEEKS

Jehovah is the ONE

we raise our voices TO

Godhead into THREE

Is the Lord we live FOR



It's with all FIVE senses

That the believer SEEKS

Not just to SEE HEAVEN

But the love that kills HATE


God's Loving and beNIGN

To have caused my u-TURN

From the yeast of A LEAVEN

And from self, the TWIRL ELF


The Spirit TELL THINGs

As the flesh looks FOR THINGs

More than a 4-star hotel; so draws the FIFTH IN

More than a 5-star hot hell; so is sick for a SIXTH IN


You may marry more than SEVEN TEEN virgins

Or can earthly pleasures in A TIN can

Uncontrolled self still caves the NIGHT IN

When the void becomes TOO EMPTY


Don't be the TOO EMPTY ONE

And I won't be TOO EMPTY TOO


We're the ones Christ came TO END THINGs FOR.


Title credits: Oghosa Anthonia Imayuse

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THE VICTOR'S STANCE - Even life is impressed 'cos I ain't perplexed

Was already getting tired of Waiting for what I desired;

I just wanted to be wired To God's Spirit that got me inspired,

Satan felt insulted As I patiently waited to be catapulted

Into a realm where God alone's exalted; That was exactly what resulted



Standing face to face With the ancient of days

I forgot about my case, Speaking forth in grace

I forgot about my fear And just spoke it clear;

Words blazing into the atmosphere To upgrade my life to a better sphere


A sphere of the word; The living sword

Of the true God Who deserves our applaud,

The scripture I'm with Has been copied into my spirit;

God's word is my meat That's why I know no defeat


I'm unruffled by life's pressure 'Cos of my pleasure

In this wonderful treasure; God's gift without measure,

Been compressed Yet, not depressed;

Even life's impressed 'Cos I ain't perplexed


When the voice of frustration Tried slowing down my motion,

I heard my divine caption Saying failure ain't an option.

A glorious sound Of a turning around,

Directing me to a higher ground Where only Victory is found


The sound of victory Spurring me to decree

Freedom from every Past lingering injury;

I don't fret at any threats

Of the enemy I get 'cos my victory's set


Not anxious of my future; I bring praise into the picture

'Cos my future's structure is found upon God's scripture,

Going further, I don't feel it getting harder

'Cos I've got a supportive father pushing me up the ladder


Experiencing an array of Victory everyday

A Victory that has come to stay; that's God having his way

My stance is my assurance; the victory insurance;

A faith spured endurance graced with more than chance.


Title credits: Oghosa Anthonia Imayuse

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Don't wanna hear I got tits; acknowledge you get it

Tell me you were wrong and let all things be left right

Don't just tell me you are sorry; got to make it so real

You probably never will, yet, you wanna stir my wheel



Not the time to claim king-kong, so I acknowledge I was wrong

Girl, you see, I got it just like the mouth has got teeth

My "I love you" is true, so let's let Love alone rule

I know I was wrong, tell me how to make this right


I have really been hoping that we will really be open

Make the secrets open so there won't be open secrets

I know you're crazy busy but this silence won't be easy

Guy! Without the chit-chat, it's like a game of cheat-chart


Why "misunderstand" me, when now my "Mrs understand"

The rain blows in your face with the reign of truth

Though my mistake is the worm, my embrace is warm

What would you have me say; what soothes or just the truth


Then make me understand that our love may oversit

Don't coat the truth with suits, just shoot me in the face

The silence hurt more than the black soot ever can

So, really say something; just say something


My one in a million girl; you deserve some accolades

What I need isn't accolades; guy! I need some assurance

I'm for sure a monocoloured guy; got no varying shades

Now that you're my sure guy; I'm glad you've said something.


Title credits: Isibor Naomi

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FRIVOLITIES - the choice; voices at crossways

Voices at crossways

Remember what the voice from the cross says;

It's finished; His blood speaks for our case

Through the grace of the ancient of days



Two ways; you can't go all ways

Grace teaches us to base

And abide in Christ always

Obedience is what pays


Bruised by the craze

Of the lust in the maze;

Giving up your mace

Just for coins from the maize


Branding the essays

To suit what hell says;

Feeding from poor trays

Isn't what the great portrays


Knowledge starts from the Kays

But doesn't stand for decays;

What this play displays

Is they sway as they chase pays


What survey conveys

Shouldn't affect the praise we raise;

God's way is what weighs;

"Always obey" is the phrase


Still pray despite delays,

Praise him we don't end preys,

Check up under his x-rays

To checkmate all what self says


Life's without replays,

Which destiny will you trace?

When God's will stays,

You'll fulfill your days


Stick to Christ who authored grace;

The grease for the race,

And your story won't glaze

But your glory set ablaze.


Title credits: Olive Samuels

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NOT VANQUISHED - As our praise explode, the Devil falls with a thud

I bounced and balled;

Even through the Jericho walled,

Till Satan's punching blows wared

To stop my movement forward



With stagnancy spurred,

Life became a prison ward,

Freedom became a puzzling surd

And sin the maze losers toured


With man injured

And his soul ruptured,

Righteousness turned the bored

In a scene where flowers don't bud


No hope was pictured

Till death's soul was punctured

And graceful life reassured;

That's when my life got restructured


The devil is a fraud

Lording over soul's he's clawed;

Keeping them from God's word

And hardening their heart's pod


Every ship the devil boards

Gets stuck in the mud,

But the sheep with God's sword

Finds each stream easy to ford


The then unpaid debt none could afford

Cleared by grace; we're no more flawed,

The flood of riches none could hoard

Swept off our flaws and got us awed


Sometimes we err but love is God,

Correcting us with love's rod;

All our prayers get a nod,

Chains broken; forever sawed


As we worship with melodious chords;

Praising our Lord as we applaud,

The love in our heart is shed abroad;

Knitted to Christ in one accord


Despite all the odds,

The depth of worship is explored;

As our praise explode,

The Devil falls with a thud


I don't drink from self's gourd

But the word that serves as my guard;

My heart's where his word is stored;

The chalk of the Spirit writes on my mind's board.


Title credits: Oghosa Anthonia Imayuse

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