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Living tree

Have you tasted of the living tree
His fruits are for free
If only you agree
I can show you in a hurry

This tree blazes with glory
That's enough to change your story
And take away your worry
As long as you tarry

This tree possesses mercy
That transforms the things you see
Stilling your raging sea
As he did for me

He possesses the key
That empowers your praying knee
To make your enemies flea
Yet seeks no fee

He's the perfect hero
He'll protect your bone and marrow
From the dangerous arrow
Of your violent foe

You've got to know
Of his sweet flow
That flushes away every woe
Attached to your tomorrow

He has a fountain
That purges every stain
By the virtue of His pain
When He was slain

His love is plain
Being revealed again
Don't make it vain
Be a part of this latter rain

He's name's Jesus
Emmanuel, the God with us
He broke humanity's curse
Paid with His life of course

He bore humanity's loss
Died the death of the cross
All this was because
He really loved us

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