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Obedience or Sacrifice

Approaching the mercy seat
I lay all at His feet
Making my worship complete
By putting my self underneath

His blood made me neat
His word changed my outfit
I now endure the rising heat
To maintain this happy feat

I follow God's demands
To obey what he commands
His word forever stands
And my life's in His hands

I'm not on sinking sand
I'm of a different brand
Living in Canaan land
Engraved to God's band

The valley's gone deeper
As the hills get steeper
But got a glorious keeper
That saves from the soul ripper

Obedience's a price
That's better than sacrifice
It's value never dies
It really suffice

My obedience
Thrives in patience
Aiding my conscience
Against disobedience

God declares His will
Knowing what I feel
His love's my daily meal
His love's so real

I'm ready to obey
Anything God has to say
I'm ready to stay
Unswayed from God's way

A believer forever
Refreshed by God's river
More than an achiever
Ordained to deliver

I'll obey His word
For His my God
I know no other Lord
His word's my sword

The truth's right here
It's all you've got to hear
God's coming is near
The signs are so clear

Heaven's so dear
But not all will get there
Hell's a place of fear
Don't tell me you don't care
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