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The Creator

The God we serve is one
He created every human
And is greater than
Any man or woman

Made the heavens and earth
Not exhausted His best yet
The God of life and death
He possesses life's breadth

As the God of light
His way's just right
With His glory so bright
He rules over the night

He made man in a set of two
And the animals too
Since he created you
His love extends to you

God created heaven
Just as He had chosen
All He has craven
Is to see the fallen forgiven

The fullness of the Godhead,the blessed three
Dwelt in Christ the living tree
Who submitted to death to snatch a key
Setting the fallen man free

On day four
The world's creator
Looked again and saw
Creation was cool for sure

He had a reason
For creating the seasons
Even the sun setting and rising
Nothing had to be missing

On day five
The waters came alive
Flowing with God's drive
Before land's creatures did arrive

The divine creator
Made living creatures
With a perfect picture
To multiply for sure

On day six, God made man
And from his ribs, formed the woman
Being a free willed free man
Was the uniqueness of the human

Formed man with His hand
To be a different brand
Not based on sinking sand
But taking care of the land

On day seven
He rested when
Creation was perfect,and then
fellowshipped with man in Eden's Garden
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