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THE GIRL I CALL ANGEL - emotions and feelings series at pengaze

Always agile,
Your style makes me smile;
Loving you not just for a while
But through out life's mile

You ain't just a girl
But an Angel;
The beautiful damsel
That make me marvel

This is what I mean;
You're a special being,
More than a beauty queen;
The loveliest I've seen

It's strange but true
But hope you know it too,
That the little things you do
Makes me fall in love with you

Prayed to God above
To make us walk in this love,
Like the dove
That signifies agape love

That God makes all you say
Keep me feeling this way,
Thinking of you makes me pray
That it remains like this everyday

They say love's blind;
Could make you loose your mind,
Yet love's too kind
To be left behind

I don't freak out or panic
'Cos your way's uniquely peak,
Your fantastic physique
Needs no boutique to stay classic

I've come to realize
That looking into your eyes
Makes my feelings rise;
And I'm like floating in the skies

I think I know you well;
You're a rare pearl,
Not just any girl
But the girl I call angel

I feel you to the bone
Just by hearing your tone;
You're the coolest I've known;
You've got no clone

How I wish you could know
My intentions are as white as snow,
Clinging to you not to let go;
For you're my beauty rainbow

Going further
On relationship's lather
To be together
Under God our father

Hoping like a believer
That we'll be friends forever;
And married as my lover
Will be the sweetest ever

Never to break up                      
Though sometimes making up,
Never to give up
Even at those times we'll flop

Consent to be my little spouse
And soon, we'll pledge our vows;
Living alone in our house
Where you alone will get me aroused.
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