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LOVE - defining love; part one (01)

part 1,   part 2

Love's a noble quest
To fully invest
Your very best
To make others  first

Love's the basic nest
To escape lust's jest
It's a proven vest
That stands life's test

Love's a contest
Not to ever detest
Even the slightest guest
You think to be a pest

Love's fully plain
And seeks no gain
Fleeing even the slightest stain
Again and again

There's a healing fountain
That flows in love's vein
Which makes even the insane
To become sane

Love endures pain
Yet won't complain
Love will never bargain
To lose it's loving membrane

Love's beyond emotion
Sex and affection
Love's a perfect connection
A classic vision of unique mission

Love has a direction
Thrives in the dedication
Of a complete conviction
Which certainly has a destination

Whatever the situation
Love gives attention
Patient in duration
Very true to obligation

No matter the case
Love's full of grace
Descending from the ways
Of the Ancient of days

Let love take it's place
In your life's phase
'Twill lift you from the base
To make you an ace

It really pays
To actually trace
Love's loving pace
To its Haven palace

part 1,   part 2

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