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Made new

I'm so confident
God's my president
His Spirit's resident
In my life, so evident

His power's different
Aids my commitment
The source of my refreshment
Which gives me fulfillment

I don't live by chance
But by faith in His fragrance
Not rooted in ignorance
But Christ in elegance

The virus detected
Completely eliminated
Now, Jesus' reflected
And my life's perfected

Even Paul knew
His life was made new
By God's refreshing dew
With the power to renew

Many times we fall
But still in all
Grace keeps us tall
To justify God's call

Many have been freed
Completely freed indeed
Now, they've got the seed
Of the obedience that they need

Of course! once lived in sin
Crushed in Satan's bin
Filled with guilt within
Till Jesus made me clean

No matter what people say
God has a different way
Old things are passed away
A new man this day

Without Christ I'm nothing
His Spirit makes me something
Without Christ I'll be loosing
His Spirit keeps me winning

I tried following the scripture
Though failed for sure
Till Christ came into the picture
Now my life's very pure

People may yap whatever
I know I'm a believer
A child of Jehovah
Jehovah's forever

Amazing grace
Handles my case
Cheers up my face
And corrects my ways

I'll use this opportunity
To prepare for eternity
Through the power of purity
By the Spirit of liberty
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