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BABIES OF THE MIND – Part One (Negativity or Positivity)

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Babies of the mind conceived in your heart when your soul is set loose to either mate with love or fear, to give birth to either positivity or negativity. It is either you nurture or torture this foetus of the soul. As for negativity (pride, jealousy, intimidation, treachery accusations, gossip, slander, faultfinding, impatience, unforgiveness, rejection, bitterness etc.) I either recommend a starvation of nutrition or elimination by abortion.


I see gates of activities that launch minds into the realm of negativity. Fear’s operation of depression on our minds, causing the oppression of hope from claiming the obsession of love through the suppression of faith to extinction. The real of negativity is established outside the circumference of positivity. A circle of life with an Area equivalent to how the Length of your life multiplies with God’s breath of love. The root of positivity is love while that of negativity is fear; so the best way to replace negativity with positivity is to replace our fear with love.

Replace that fear for your marriage with love and there’s no way you’d hate your spouse; forgiveness won’t be much of a big deal. When life faces you with challenges, respond only from the area of love. Don’t let your past make you have fears for your future, be in love with your present life and there’s no way you won’t work hard to get something positive out of life not driven by the tension of fear which holds minds in the detention of negativity but a motivation of love. Rather than have fears for your career or dreams, just be in love with them. Even when negativity revolves around your circle, you can always prove it that your circle is that of positivity

My point is that every element of positivity (i.e. optimism, generousity, peace, endurance, happiness, GRATITUDE etc.) is rooted in love; love in what you do, love in responding to life etc. while that of negativity (inferiority, irritation, selfishness, bitterness, anger etc.) has its roots in fear. You may not see this as logical until you think about it deeply. Our soul w.r.t. our heart and mind respond basically to either fear or love. You need to master your fear in the art of love because only perfect love casts away fear.
Part 1     Part 2    Part 3    Part 4
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