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BABIES OF THE MIND – Part Three (Law Of Attraction)

The law of divers forces; Whether you believe them or not, they exist and govern the world, always revolving around us like magnetic fields carrying either positive or negative charges. We got the law of sowing and reaping, law of gravity, law of action and reaction, law of death in sin, law of life in Christ. Today I'm talking about one that we consciously or unconsciously operate in; the law of attraction is inevitable.


Sometimes, I just get to start thinking about someone only to see the person in no distant time; oh yeah! Coincidence is what someone will say. A lot of people are besseted with the fear of failure so much only to blame it on fate when they eventually fail. A lot operating in negative reactions to life's negative actions/Circumstances, are broken lose through motivating words of faith that launches them into a realm of love to act over life's Circumstances, rather than react to it. The main point is that these laws exist whether we like it or not but we choose which one to operate in/with whether they like or not.


Draw a big circle to represent the circle of life full of negativity. Make a dot at the centre to represent love; the centre/root of life which is the best part of life. Now draw a smaller circle within the larger circle to represent the circumference of love with an area of positivity. The dot is love which tries to attract you to its self. The circumference of the small circle is the boundary between between positivity and negativity while that of the big circle represents the fear trying as well to attract you to itself.

Positivity is all you got in the realm of love and from that realm in the inner circle, fear(circumference of outer circle) tries to pull you out of the magnetic force of love into that of fear (where people react to life rather than act over circumstances) by throwing negative circumstances at you, as long as you remain in that area of positivity, you attract only positive things to yourself. Reaction to life’s actions(fear’s attraction) with a negative attitude(i.e. fear, anger, irritation, frustration) entails now operating from outside the area of positivity haven crossed the boundary to that of negativity; negativity basically attracts negative things. Be sure of where you stand. Yeah! It isn’t easy, but no matter what, just remain in that sphere of love( area of positivity). In one phrase, all I'm saying is "don't worry, be happy". If not for Christ that empowered me with the Holy Spirit, I’m certain to have been engulfed in negativity. I believe Christ can help you out if you let Him.

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