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BABIES OF THE MIND – Part Two (Dealing with Negativity)

Addressing negativity in two spheres, there’s one known for sure to be within; Either as a result of what you think of yourself, what you think of others or what you feel others think of you. This can easily be addressed by trying not to live a complicated life i.e. Explaining yourself well to others so as not to be misunderstood, asking questions when confused so as not to live in uncertainties, making plain your likes and dislikes to people around you. Things like this could help one live life with a positive attitude.



As for what you think about yourself, loving yourself, first of all, goes a long way to settle this. If you find it difficult to love yourself or life; always depressed in self-pity and inferiority, and you don’t see any reason to change your attitude, then why expect others to love you! If you love yourself, then it should show in the time you invest on yourself. Look good with well ironed clothes; dress the way you want to be addressed, making sure it’s not difficult for you to address yourself that way when you look into the mirror. Take note, before you step out that door each day, I feel the best free clothing accessory to put on is a smile.

You need to understand that life is full of persons and you are one of them. See challenges and mountains as stepping stones; Lessons you hold firm. You’re specifically unique when it comes to individuality. There’s no one exactly like you; you are superior, you only become inferior when you choose to be someone else rather than the original copy God made you to be. Better still, if you’re a believer, the Bible contains the truth about you. Believers should believe God’s word rather than a lie about themselves


There’s a negativity only expressed through your response to circumstance. Reaction to circumstance is like GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) i.e. circumstances of life control you. While action over circumstances of life means you control life circumstances. A normal way to address this is to always think before you talk, speak or act. Just remain in the circle of love which is that of positivity and respond to life from there. Better still, as a believer, the best way to address this is to be and remain who God wants you to be no matter what happens, which is a function of how much of God’s word you chew and how much prayer digests the word you chew. That’s when you unconsciously live out a positive life even without thinking. You act over life unconsciously only to be amazed when you look back to examine how you handled past situations. The film titled “WAR ROOM” is cool in this light.
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