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Mama used to say chase your dreams
So every night I sleep, with my running shoes clean
Pushed to the rim, by the thoughts of my dreams
I dream while awake, but don’t day dream
My dreams keep me busy, because I ain’t lazy
Even when dizzy, I don’t take it easy
Mr. Bones knows that it isn’t funny
To work to the bones to be friendly with money;
I’m closer to my dreams, when I wake each morning
I keep my dreams alive, need no coffin for mourning

Still chasing my dreams, as I track my race back
To roots of my background, God helping from the background
Almost traded my focus, with this deadly foe-course
Because of chilling eyes of frozen onlookers
I was almost snapped shut, into a dark calm era
Till snap shots of light showed me life was a camera
I now see the standing fans, all screaming their support
Already had a zeal-loss, so trying to be zealous
Not to quit before I win, because winners never quit
Only the tough gets going, when the going gets tough.

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