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Many live life normally through out the year EXCEPT EMBER months that start with SEPTEMBER; they become overwhelmed with fear in THESE EMBER months that'll end the year in DECEMBER


Many believe it's time for a lot of bad things to occur but I believe
It's time for a lot of good happenings as I happily welcome you to the months of BER. All you need do in these months of BER is:

B- believe,
E- expect&
R- receive

'cos the EMBER months not only signify:

E - every
M - miracle
B - believed is
E - expectantly
R - received

but also specificies that:

E - every
M - mountain
B - becomes
E - entirely
R - removed.

The point is this; you get what you believe 'cos it gets attracted to you. Think positive, confess positive, act positive and get positive.
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