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HUNGER FOR SEX - taking it slow; fasting period; not a punishment but discipline; part eight (08)

It's a freaking thirst, yet comes the tempting test,
Handed a chill bottle of drink and told not to drink but chill,
The drink is meant to be drunk but don't get drunk in it,
Handed to your control; don't be controlled by it

Not about saying no to sex but saying yes to God's plan,
He is the master planner with plans for our sexuality,
Celibacy to the eunuchs; abstinence to the unmarried,
But as for chastity, it is for everybody

The savour and flavour around is more soothing than good,
The fact that you're fasting; talking  abstaining from food,
Doesn't make food extinct; in fact increases hunger instinct,
Abstinence isn't forever but marriage is for ever

Everything on earth has got its salient period,
Every class got it's period, even ladies got their period,
The period of abstinence is our fasting period,
The married still got urge where infidelity can lodge

The attitudes learned and the altitude earned,
Discipline and self control; that's how you now roll,
You mastered the quest; Chastity at the crest,
Fidelity's the request; you mastered the real quest. 
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