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EBERE (Da Voice) - EGWABOR ANNIE EBERE; pengaze star

I'd sing of how nice she is if I were 9ice,
I'd sing of her sweet flows if I were FLO,
I drive off with the key of musical rap to ice the cake,
To proclaim peace to you before I'd rap up this piece

''Oya'' let's go game; referee ''fon fere'',
Master of the pitch; my voice training coach,
'Twas a machine voice until she helped me train it;
Now the machine's gone; my shot voice's safer than the train

''Egwu'' means dance while ''Abor'' means clap;
When they both collabo we'll be left right with EGWABOR,
''Ani'' who's the pengaze star was the asked ''ibere'';
And this name was the answer: ANNIE EBERE

''Challenge'' isn't her bus stop; got a boss drive to solution,
Her patience attracts good luck; oh, yeah! suurulere,
Try to find the L.C.M. of this A.C.M.,
And you'll find out her H.C.F. is only found in Christ.

*Challenge: name of a bus stop in Lagos
*fon fere: blow the whistle (yoruba language)
*ibere: question (yoruba language)
*A.C.M. : Assistant Choir Mistress
*suurulere: patience is a virtue (yoruba language)
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