MAXWELL - Mahqzweil Emokpae; pengaze star

I looked into the Punch and the news was his name,
Saw the obvious headlines; all about his fame,
I call him the king because he tops the game,
He dey care pass day care; the lion can be tamed

When it comes to football, Maxwell marks well;
One in a million guy with a balanced sense of humour;
Oh yeah! You can quote me; humerus to the bone,
Tried to be fairer than the world and ended up like pawpaw

Fine boy no pimple; girls trip over hin dimple,
Ladies mistake his teddy and beards for teddy-bear,
Heard a babe thinking aloud and she was like tender bae,
He got lot of hot fans; just too cool; please no A.Cs

Max got wells full of Christ the living water,
You can call him ajebota; sabi chop bread and butter,
Anytime he prays, God hears and fills the bucket,
Givers never lack is the testimony of his pocket.

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