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FRIENDSHIP - don't rush into a relationship; part four (04)

When the foundation of a house isn't good, no matter how beautiful the house is, the house comes down during the storm. Working for yourself to be Mr. or Miss right for your either known or unknown partner to be is the process of digging that foundation. It's true that the reason for lots of problems in a relationship is 'cos many are in the wrong relationship but the fact remains that no matter the criteria for qualifying a right relationship, not having a foundation with respect to working on yourself can bring the most seemingly perfect relationship down.

Despite the fact that it takes a life time to know someone, never use that as an excuse to rush into love; that's why you just don't have your heart to feel but also have a brain to think and reason. When you don't check yourself, you will wreck yourself; delay gratification. Pay now to play later; let go of now to lay hold on the future. It takes an individual having a destination in mind to be on point and on course; only a fool runs faster on a wrong road. Don't rush into a relationship without knowing what you want.

Confidence is a catalyst to great achievement and fulfillment; only a fool calls confidence pride. It's easy to be confident when you love yourself and what you do; when you are sure of satisfying progress. Be the king of your sphere; be the queen of your decisions. Don't evade taking responsibilities for your mistakes; it re-focuses you to the right path. Defeat is a temporal hurdle meant to spur you to do better by putting in more effort; it only becomes a permanent blockage if you lose focus of where you are heading to. Never get intimidated by your mistakes or by temporary defeat. Remain confident in the sphere of love (for your self, the things you do, the progress you're making and the people you daily relate with). Don't be changed by circumstance or people that try to pull you out of the sphere of love.
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