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FRIENDSHIP - in a relationship; illustration; part five (05)

Relationship is a car containing two people; the driver and the driven. The guy is the driver while the lady is the driven. As a lady, don't enter a car going to Ojota when you know you aren't heading that direction. Imagine you asking the driver where he is going and he replies, ''I don't even know.'' Hahahah! OYO (On Your Own) state.

A guy who hasn't worked on himself to be Mr. Right is like a learner that tries to drive a lady. ''Test running things''. The accident may be fatal enough to make the heart bleed. Likewise, a lady who hasn't worked on herself can be likened to a passenger that boards a car without T-fare and expects the driver to be happy. Anyway, with God all things are possible.

The idea of both parties getting to the destination means coming to agreement of him being a life time driver and she being driven for life. Note! The same car used for the temporal journey (before marriage) will be the same car for the permanent journey (after marriage). A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage

Imagine a driver pretends to be going to Lagos from Benin only to stop at Ore (which is almost half the journey); as a lady, you mean you'll abandon your destination and agree for him to be your life time driver for better for worse? Likewise, the lady that pretends to go to Lagos and decides to stop at Ore can't force the driver to remain in Ore when his destination is Lagos. Also, a lady that pretends to be going to Ore only to extend her journey to Lagos later on can't force the driver to Lagos. ''You better find another driver to complete your journey.''

If the driver treats you like a slave throughout the journey and you still choose to knot the tie, maybe your compensation will be your maid calling you ''Oga Madam''

The motor fit no get A.C. but hin get window. Shock absorber fit get fault but cushion dey seat. Speed fit no too dey but at least na forward motion. Before you pick a rose, be ready to handle the thorns. As a lady, if you aren't comfortable with his car and you know you can't cope, 'Abeg no knot tie o'; marriage counsellors already got enough work to do. If all she did was complain through out the journey, you on the A.C., play music, avoid pot holes and even try to make her laugh but she replies with naggings and frowns; don't expect a miracle after marriage. If you can't change yourself to soothe her ways while in a relationship then I guess your marriage will need magic to work out without either of you walking out.

As a driver, your car should always be fuelled. 'Driver dat his fuel stop half way, is dat one driver?' 'But come to think of it sha' since you're both going to the same destination, haba! You can still assist driver with fuel na. Abi, is it only fuel that makes journey comfortable and interesting ni? A.C., music and conversations nko? The fact that you're richer or his fuel isn't enough shouldn't remove sense from your head.
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