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MY WOMAN - my everything

Pretty little cutie; the very queen of beauty

Angel in reality; You are love's identity,

Ever since I met you, love totally shined through;

The girl I call boo; the bae I call true



Since I ain't blind, I know you're one of a kind,

You are the best to find; your love blows my mind,

Incredibly beautiful; undisputably thoughtful,

Unbelievably cheerful; adorably peaceful


Preciously gorgeous; courteously courageous,

Spiritually religious with a smile that's contagious,

Creatively unique; attractively physiqued,

Selectively classic; proactively fantastic


Hotter than a hot tea; no wonder you're a hottie,

Sweeter than a sweet tea; no wonder you're a sweetie,

Uncapsized by the sex sea; you remain more than sexy,

You heal than Vitamin C 'cos you're the Vitamin Sea


You walk like a princess, your talks; they're priceless,

The way you work than others makes you rock like a goddess,

My words have come like menthol and I really meant all;

You should be a mentor to those who make their men tall


The bees call you honey because you make me horny,

You can't be bought by money so I propose on my "all-knee";

Say "Yes!" let's tie the knot; that I may clutch your thigh,

And ever remain high, by looking into your eye


And I'll take you as my wife and make Agape the wife-fee;

Take you as the wife I connect to without WIFI,

And I'll love you as my woman; my ever real thing;

Treat you as the woman; my everything.

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