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Don't wanna hear I got tits; acknowledge you get it

Tell me you were wrong and let all things be left right

Don't just tell me you are sorry; got to make it so real

You probably never will, yet, you wanna stir my wheel



Not the time to claim king-kong, so I acknowledge I was wrong

Girl, you see, I got it just like the mouth has got teeth

My "I love you" is true, so let's let Love alone rule

I know I was wrong, tell me how to make this right


I have really been hoping that we will really be open

Make the secrets open so there won't be open secrets

I know you're crazy busy but this silence won't be easy

Guy! Without the chit-chat, it's like a game of cheat-chart


Why "misunderstand" me, when now my "Mrs understand"

The rain blows in your face with the reign of truth

Though my mistake is the worm, my embrace is warm

What would you have me say; what soothes or just the truth


Then make me understand that our love may oversit

Don't coat the truth with suits, just shoot me in the face

The silence hurt more than the black soot ever can

So, really say something; just say something


My one in a million girl; you deserve some accolades

What I need isn't accolades; guy! I need some assurance

I'm for sure a monocoloured guy; got no varying shades

Now that you're my sure guy; I'm glad you've said something.


Title credits: Isibor Naomi

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