THE GIRL I CALL ANGEL - I feel you to the bone Just by hearing your tone; You're the coolest I've known; You've got no clone

Always agile,
Your style makes me smile;
Loving you not just for a while
But through out life's mile

You ain't just a girl
But an Angel;
The beautiful damsel
That make me marvel

This is what I mean;
You're a special being,
More than a beauty queen;
The loveliest I've seen

It's strange but true
But hope you know it too,
That the little things you do
Makes me fall in love with you

Prayed to God above
To make us walk in this love,
Like the dove
That signifies agape love

That God makes all you say
Keep me feeling this way,
Thinking of you makes me pray
That it remains like this everyday

They say love's blind;
Could make you loose your mind,
Yet love's too kind
To be left behind

I don't freak out or panic
'Cos your way's uniquely peak,
Your fantastic physique
Needs no boutique to stay classic

I've come to realize
That looking into your eyes
Makes my feelings rise;
And I'm like floating in the skies

I think I know you well;
You're a rare pearl,
Not just any girl
But the girl I call angel

I feel you to the bone
Just by hearing your tone;
You're the coolest I've known;
You've got no clone

How I wish you could know
My intentions are as white as snow,
Clinging to you not to let go;
For you're my beauty rainbow

Going further
On relationship's lather
To be together
Under God our father

Hoping like a believer
That we'll be friends forever;
And married as my lover
Will be the sweetest ever

Never to break up
Though sometimes making up,
Never to give up
Even at those times we'll flop

Consent to be my little spouse
And soon, we'll pledge our vows;
Living alone in our house
Where you alone will get me aroused.
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The Creator - He made man in a set of two And the animals too Since he created you His love extends to you

The God we serve is one
He created every human
And is greater than
Any man or woman

Made the heavens and earth
Not exhausted His best yet
The God of life and death
He possesses life's breadth

As the God of light
His way's just right
With His glory so bright
He rules over the night

He made man in a set of two
And the animals too
Since he created you
His love extends to you

God created heaven
Just as He had chosen
All He has craven
Is to see the fallen forgiven

The fullness of the Godhead,the blessed three
Dwelt in Christ the living tree
Who submitted to death to snatch a key
Setting the fallen man free

On day four
The world's creator
Looked again and saw
Creation was cool for sure

He had a reason
For creating the seasons
Even the sun setting and rising
Nothing had to be missing

On day five
The waters came alive
Flowing with God's drive
Before land's creatures did arrive

The divine creator
Made living creatures
With a perfect picture
To multiply for sure

On day six, God made man
And from his ribs, formed the woman
Being a free willed free man
Was the uniqueness of the human

Formed man with His hand
To be a different brand
Not based on sinking sand
But taking care of the land

On day seven
He rested when
Creation was perfect,and then
fellowshipped with man in Eden's Garden
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Obedience or Sacrifice - The valley's gone deeper As the hills get steeper But got a glorious keeper That saves from the soul ripper

Approaching the mercy seat
I lay all at His feet
Making my worship complete
By putting my self underneath

His blood made me neat
His word changed my outfit
I now endure the rising heat
To maintain this happy feat

I follow God's demands
To obey what he commands
His word forever stands
And my life's in His hands

I'm not on sinking sand
I'm of a different brand
Living in Canaan land
Engraved to God's band

The valley's gone deeper
As the hills get steeper
But got a glorious keeper
That saves from the soul ripper

Obedience's a price
That's better than sacrifice
It's value never dies
It really suffice

My obedience
Thrives in patience
Aiding my conscience
Against disobedience

God declares His will
Knowing what I feel
His love's my daily meal
His love's so real

I'm ready to obey
Anything God has to say
I'm ready to stay
Unswayed from God's way

A believer forever
Refreshed by God's river
More than an achiever
Ordained to deliver

I'll obey His word
For His my God
I know no other Lord
His word's my sword

The truth's right here
It's all you've got to hear
God's coming is near
The signs are so clear

Heaven's so dear
But not all will get there
Hell's a place of fear
Don't tell me you don't care
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PLAY YOUR ROLE - fight the good fight of faith; commit to righteousness until you start committing righteousness

Have you come to realize
God watches with His eyes;
He'll treat us otherwise
If He wasn't nice

There's a need to arise,
A need to be wise,
Ready to pay the price
Of stopping the compromise

You've got the strength to fight
When Satan tries to bite,
And at the coming of night
Keep walking in God's light

Of course, it's not by might
God's grace'll make things right;
Just base on the Lord's site
And remain under His sight

If you want to win,
Then come out of sin;
Respond to God's calling
When He says come in

Don't fear Satan's grin
Though it looks mean;
For you've got within
The God who made you clean

Take your head off sorrow,
Lay it on joy's pillow,
Don't fear Satan's arrow
'Coz God controls tomorrow

Be competent;
Don't relent,
For it's evident
That God's will is potent

As a God sent,
You are meant
To be different
In comportment

Never say no
To the spirit's flow
But be ready to go
Even to places you don't know

Satan tries to peep
At points you fall asleep,
He tries to make you weep;
Loads you with pain in a heap

God's love's deep;
Hear the sound of it's beep,
Only His love can keep
Your feet from a dangerous slip

Pick out God's voice
From the bustling noise;
To obey is by choice,
'Twill make you rejoice

Righteousness isn't the goal
If Christ has made you whole;
Obedience is a sole role
To align with the Spirit's goal

If I got your audience
Your role is obedience,
Righteousness unto holiness;
Realm of committing righteousness.
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On my way - It's a one life trip Can't take the chance to creep

On my way to the top
When I can't walk, I hop
I've got no space to flop
And no time to stop

Christ keeps me going up
When I fall, He lifts me up
When thirsty, He fills my cup
And together we sup

Mind the friends you keep
Watch the steps you skip
Though some ways look cheap
What you sow is what you reap

Aware the hill's steep
When injured, I still leap
It's a one life trip
Can't take the chance to creep

The road's so straight
Has got a narrow gate
So I lay down my weight
As it's not yet late

I was once blind
God's will, I couldn't find
Till I made up my mind
Not to be left behind

Tempted to pretend
But regretting at the end
Just try making the amend
Letting God straighten your bend

You can't comprehend
Where your life will tend
But taking Jesus as friend
Tends to a happy end

Though the sea's raging
The war's waging
A new understanding
Keeps me standing

God's word  is classic
It makes me unique
His will's fantastic
Leading me to the peak

People think I'm weak
'Cos God has made me mick
Yet they think it's a trick
When I heal the sick

Escaped Satan's bait
Feeling so great
With the hope to celebrate
By this divine fate

On my way to heaven
It's my best I've given
To be in this haven
Is all I've craven

Not quitting is my decision
Getting there's my vision
My greatest obligation
Is fulfilling this mission
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My sins have been pardoned
By Jesus who's begotten
Of the father who's in heaven
Who has been since beginning

My sins have been forgotten
And my mistakes forgiven
Salvation was given
When the lamb's life was taken
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Living tree - This tree blazes with glory That's enough to change your story (TOP POETRY SITE)

Have you tasted of the living tree
His fruits are for free
If only you agree
I can show you in a hurry

This tree blazes with glory
That's enough to change your story
And take away your worry
As long as you tarry

This tree possesses mercy
That transforms the things you see
Stilling your raging sea
As he did for me

He possesses the key
That empowers your praying knee
To make your enemies flea
Yet seeks no fee

He's the perfect hero
He'll protect your bone and marrow
From the dangerous arrow
Of your violent foe

You've got to know
Of his sweet flow
That flushes away every woe
Attached to your tomorrow

He has a fountain
That purges every stain
By the virtue of His pain
When He was slain

His love is plain
Being revealed again
Don't make it vain
Be a part of this latter rain

He's name's Jesus
Emmanuel, the God with us
He broke humanity's curse
Paid with His life of course

He bore humanity's loss
Died the death of the cross
All this was because
He really loved us

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HARD WORK - Climbing success' lather No matter life's weather (inspirational poems from the top poetry site)

Hard work is a tool
Like a lifting stool;
Aiding you in life's pool
Not to drown like a fool

If I may expatiate,
My certificate
Is what indicates
My educational value till date

I've known the this truth
From my very youth;
It has deepened my root
To beautify my shoot

This is the present situation
Of my past rough condition;
I've got recognition
In my humble station

My organization
Has undertaken a revolution
Of a glorious transformation,
Striving for perfection

Don't join those that pretend
But hold fast to the end
In order to comprehend
Where your end will tend

Look before you leap,
The way before you may look cheap
But could be very steep;
It's what you sow that you'll reap

I'm patient
But diligent,
My prayer still fervent
'Cos Jehovah's my parent

I don't live by chance;
Not rooted on ignorance,
Applied knowledge in every instance
Is the source of my elegance

Never thought I'll get this far
But believe to get further;
Climbing success' lather
No matter life's weather

Never dreamt it this way
But believe I'm on the pathway
To winning everyday,
As grace leads the way

When I sometimes I think I'm tough
Is when my feet is blown off;
As my feet's swept off
When the way's too rough

Smashed on wall
In times of great fall,
I remember my creator's call
And again stand tall

It's the call to be persistently diligent
And my full commitment
To this assignment
That gives me fulfillment

It's not so easy
But necessary;
So get busy
And not lazy

Hard work's cool;
A useful tool
For staying above life's drowning pool,
Though unknown to a fool.
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Christ's disciple - You've been given the key To change the wrong you see (gospel poems from the top poetry site)

The decision
That brought my conversion
Is still the foundation
To fulfill this mission

Many as such
Go to church
But forget to watch
And pray as much

Yielding to unbelief
Makes you fall from the cliff
Like a plucked leaf
Lifeless as a beef

Does your face
Have a different phase
Do your ways
Differ from place to place

God's testament
Isn't for entertainment
But involvement
In obeying His commandment

Be a disciple
Preaching the gospel
To all people
By Jesus' example

Made righteous
And virtuous
So be courteous
Not rebellious

Don't be led astray
God's word won't pass away
It differs from the world's way
It's the same today

You've been separated
Not to be rejected
Being corrected
Not to be affected

Have no affinity
With iniquity
'Cos your identity
Is that of divinity

What makes your heart fall
Letting your spirit crawl
There's a call
To come out of idol

Some things are scriptural
Completely biblical
Some things are spiritual
While others are carnal

Some things are temporal
Others are eternal
Some are natural
Others are supernatural

Watch what you choose
And the tools you use
Guard your heart before it gets loose
Abstain from things that confuse

Be patient
Stay fervent
Remain content
'Cos God's your parent

You were set free
Not to be a fruitless tree
You've been given the key
To change the wrong you see

The reason you face the crowd
Is to make God proud
So fulfill all you've vowed
By preaching the gospel aloud

Don't be a coward
By turning backward
But press forward
Till you get your award

You need to accept
Jehovah's precepts
In the very depth
Jesus has kept

You need to protect
Jehovah's prospect
In order to reflect
His life so perfect
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A better realm - Daily taking the love capsule From His word's parcel (top poetry site)

I know the path that's true
And have been set free too
Christ can also help you
If you allow His love shine through

Calling a spade a spade
Our love was paid
By His love that can not fade
Though His life was the trade

Was bound in a jar
Till Jehovah
Broke it asunder
And brought me this far

He's the tailor
That clothes with honour
He's the sailor
With the secure anchor

His ancient words of old
Are more precious than Gold
His word makes me bold
And drives away my cold

I've been taught
Quite a lot
Just as I ought
Though more than I thought

Once fell
And destined for hell
But now marvel
How He turned me an angel

Satan's ink
Made me stink
Was about to sink
Till saved by God's link

Attached to Him with a divine string
Bears me on an eagle's wing
To realms free from Satan's sting
Adorned with the ring of a king

In a realm safer than Noah's ark
When in, there's no lack
The light doesn't get dark
When in, there's no attack

Daily taking the love capsule
From His word's parcel
Using it to cancel
The writings of Satan's pencil

Lightened by the spirit's candle
To subdue evil
As I operate at a higher level
Than the devil

Was blind, but now I see
Walking in peace on the stormy sea
For His glorious mercy
Established my fantasy

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Amazing Grace - Grace took me out of the hollow Of great sorrow

While grace makes me flow
Merit keeps me slow
Grace makes me glow
While merit keeps me low

Grace took me out of the hollow
Of great sorrow
Took care of my tomorrow
And preserved me from death's shadow

While grace increases my pace
Merit affects my race
Oh! the Ancient of days
Has blessed me with His grace

Grace opened wide heaven's gate
When God unleashed my faith
To change my fate
Before it was too late

Grace works till date
Unveiling Satan's bait
I freely relate
With God 'cos his grace's great

The Ancient of days
Showered me His grace
To trace the ancient ways
To His very place

Grace corrects my will
And subdues what I feel
Showing me the path that's real
Without giving me a bill

God's grace is my thrill
It creates in me, the zeal
To fulfill God's will
Just as it has granted me salvation's seal

It isn't strange
That grace brought me this change
In the best range
Making me sweeter than an orange

Don't get it confused
As grace is not to be refused
It's not also to be misused
Neither is it to be abused

Grace is the author of my authority
The foundation of any divine celebrity
The basis of real humanity
It surpasses ability

Grace is based on God's divinity
A gift from the blessed Trinity
It's beyond any activity
So inevitable in reality

It is God sent
Ever persistent
Most consistent
Very eminent

Grace revealed God's wisdom
Of unmerited freedom
To bid us welcome
Into His kingdom
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