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Amazing Grace - Grace took me out of the hollow Of great sorrow

While grace makes me flow
Merit keeps me slow
Grace makes me glow
While merit keeps me low

Grace took me out of the hollow
Of great sorrow
Took care of my tomorrow
And preserved me from death's shadow

While grace increases my pace
Merit affects my race
Oh! the Ancient of days
Has blessed me with His grace

Grace opened wide heaven's gate
When God unleashed my faith
To change my fate
Before it was too late

Grace works till date
Unveiling Satan's bait
I freely relate
With God 'cos his grace's great

The Ancient of days
Showered me His grace
To trace the ancient ways
To His very place

Grace corrects my will
And subdues what I feel
Showing me the path that's real
Without giving me a bill

God's grace is my thrill
It creates in me, the zeal
To fulfill God's will
Just as it has granted me salvation's seal

It isn't strange
That grace brought me this change
In the best range
Making me sweeter than an orange

Don't get it confused
As grace is not to be refused
It's not also to be misused
Neither is it to be abused

Grace is the author of my authority
The foundation of any divine celebrity
The basis of real humanity
It surpasses ability

Grace is based on God's divinity
A gift from the blessed Trinity
It's beyond any activity
So inevitable in reality

It is God sent
Ever persistent
Most consistent
Very eminent

Grace revealed God's wisdom
Of unmerited freedom
To bid us welcome
Into His kingdom
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