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My sins have been pardoned
By Jesus who's begotten
Of the father who's in heaven
Who has been since beginning

My sins have been forgotten
And my mistakes forgiven
Salvation was given
When the lamb's life was taken

His rising was certain
'Though died,but now's risen
And is the only reason
We're in a new season

If Christ was missing
We'll be drowned in sin
Not knowing how to win
Scorned by Satan's grin

Jesus made me clean
Cleansed me from within
It's him, I believe in
And will keep believing

He keeps me rising and shining
Keeps me going and glowing
He's the pillar that keeps me standing
'Cos He understands my feelings

His blessings continue raining
As His love keeps flowing
His fire continues burning
As His power keeps blazing
He is all-knowing
The end of every beginning
He's still ruling
Forever reigning

He's more perfect than seven
His lordship has been proven
He defeated hell's coven
Protects me than the raven

Even in the most difficult scene
That seams to be mean
His intervention's always seen
To make the field is ever green

One thing I'm still craving
Is to be baked in His oven
And rapped in His clothing
More pleasant than cotton
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