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HARD WORK - Climbing success' lather No matter life's weather (inspirational poems from the top poetry site)

Hard work is a tool
Like a lifting stool;
Aiding you in life's pool
Not to drown like a fool

If I may expatiate,
My certificate
Is what indicates
My educational value till date

I've known the this truth
From my very youth;
It has deepened my root
To beautify my shoot

This is the present situation
Of my past rough condition;
I've got recognition
In my humble station

My organization
Has undertaken a revolution
Of a glorious transformation,
Striving for perfection

Don't join those that pretend
But hold fast to the end
In order to comprehend
Where your end will tend

Look before you leap,
The way before you may look cheap
But could be very steep;
It's what you sow that you'll reap

I'm patient
But diligent,
My prayer still fervent
'Cos Jehovah's my parent

I don't live by chance;
Not rooted on ignorance,
Applied knowledge in every instance
Is the source of my elegance

Never thought I'll get this far
But believe to get further;
Climbing success' lather
No matter life's weather

Never dreamt it this way
But believe I'm on the pathway
To winning everyday,
As grace leads the way

When I sometimes I think I'm tough
Is when my feet is blown off;
As my feet's swept off
When the way's too rough

Smashed on wall
In times of great fall,
I remember my creator's call
And again stand tall

It's the call to be persistently diligent
And my full commitment
To this assignment
That gives me fulfillment

It's not so easy
But necessary;
So get busy
And not lazy

Hard work's cool;
A useful tool
For staying above life's drowning pool,
Though unknown to a fool.
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