FEELINGS - love and emotional series at pengaze

Filled with unrest
By looking at her chest;
Subdued by the test
Of your feeling's thirst

A strange connection
Not tending to perfection;
Based on an emotion
Without a direction

Fake confession,
Intense passion,
Misleading conclusion
By the mind's confusion

Undefined relationship:
In an emotional ship,
Mere sexual partnership,
A pleasurable momentary trip

The reigning trend;
Boy friend, girl friend;
Which doesn't basically tend
To marriage at the end

If your right will
Goes against what you feel,
Then why not just kill
That feeling that's unreal

Moved by her decks,
Drawn to his cheques,
Enjoying the pecks,
Yet love isn't sex

What a crush
That grips you in a rush;
What a sudden blush
Bolted by an emotional gush

Your mind's set loose
To wander like a goose;
Yet, got the power to use
Your very mind to choose

Clashing desires
Like two live-wires
Burning like the fires
Which lust requires

Feeling of lies;
It eventually dies,
And you soon realize
By the opening of the skies

Lust in the depth
That makes you lose your precept
Is only a concept
Which you don't need to accept

Love's a stage;
You're free to turn it's page,
Lust's a cage
Not minding your age

Lust is a strange picture
Of momentary pleasure
Which chooses only to enjoy,
Refusing to endure what love'll endure

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