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God's word - The much of Christ you know Is the much of Him you'll show

God's word is delicious
My soul knows it's precious
It keeps me conscious
When I'm getting ambitious

God's word is His voice
Shapes my choice
Opposes Satan's noise
To make me rejoice

As Christ's aroma
Your life can't be a dilemma
If you replace your charisma
With the power of His rhema

Being Christ's fragrance
Is of importance
To portray the elegance
Of His countenance

The much of Christ you know
Is the much of Him you'll show
How much of His seed do you sow
How often do you allow His Spirit flow

With an unveiled face
In God's high place
We reflect His grace
And show forth His ways

The operation
Of our spiritual position
Is also a function
Of our meditation

For meditation
Is the solution
To the stagnation
Of transformation

Always ready to study
Just going steady
I don't make my mind cloudy
By this life that's rowdy

Subduing temptation
Overcoming tribulation
Not by human profession
But divine confession

Even in humiliation
I follow God's instruction
To defeat opposition
And claim my position

The power of His word has been tested
And mustn't be underestimated
It's gloriously reflected
Anywhere divinity is initiated
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