God's Word 2

God's word,which I perceived
Is all that I've believed
And have certainly received
All that I've conceived

My soul was blind
Till I renewed my mind
Making it aligned
To the promises that I find

The word of promise
That brings a release
Of God's peace
Upon those that are His

Now, I'm very free
To actually be
The divine champion in me
And not just what people see

God's word is cool
His most cherished tool
Evidence that He's merciful
And most powerful

Though it wasn't simple
The Jesus I now resemble
Was so humble
To make me His temple

My reception
Is a function
Of the offered salvation
Through Christ's Crucifixion

His instruction
Aids my reconstruction
Despite the obstruction
Of self's contradiction

This word which I hear
Makes God's will clear
And since this word's always near
I've got nothing to fear

I don't fear the devil
Though his works are evil
'Cos God's word's the anvil
That founds me on the highest level

His word's like the clergy
That made Satan's strategy
To end up in wasted energy
Yet deserves no apology

God's word's a device
To withstand Satan's lies
A weapon in the hands of the wise
To detect Satan's whiles of disguise
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