I Wish She Was My Girl - emotion and feelings series; pengaze.com

The girl I've found
Is so profound
Her fame's all around
Crested to the ground

I can tell
Of her charming spell
For which I fell
Oh! It still rings a bell

Got a special effect
Of unique intellect
Her physique's perfect
More than what you'll expect

Endowed with grace
What a charming face
Even where she stays
Is a glorious place

Colours of the rainbow
Despite the raining snow
Beautifies this show
'Cos of this Angel I've come to know

Got the strength of "Nikita"
Heals like "Yoyo-bitter"
I enjoy chatting with her
And following her on tweeter

She's simple
Got no pimple
And excites people
With her dimple

The style she has
Is of first class
Transparent as glass
Just the perfect lass

She's a friend
I'll always defend
One to commend
'Cos she doesn't pretend

I'll do all I require
In order to acquire
This girl I admire
The one lady I desire

From what I'm passing through
I can surely tell you
That my love for her's true
I wish she likes me too

Easy going
And quickly growing
Overhead my pals saying
That she's quite loving

Though shy
She isn't sly
She's got an angel's eye
That'll attract any nice guy

Got a unique physique
Beauty not by the boutique
Character that's fantastic
Never seen a lady that classic

Oh! Wonderful angel
I wish she was my girl
Oh! Beautiful damsel
I wish she was my girl
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