I'm His

I'm of God that keeps me true
The true God that guides me through
The ancient ways I've never been to
He loves me as none else will do
That's the way He loves you too

I'm of Christ who paid my price
By the mighty sacrifice
Of grace that's above all lies
Which has made me wise
Beyond Satan's whiles

I'm of He who rules the earth
Gave me His breadth
To replace my death
I no more fret
'Cos I'm His by birth

I'm of Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us
Nailed to the cross
In my place of course
Exchanging my curse
For His applause

I'm of Jehovah my lover
Ancient of days, surest cover
Loves me always, over and over
Ancient but still the same as ever
My life is His forever

I'm of Jesus my loving leader
Father of grace and only brother
Takes me further than my feet can wander
His amazing grace makes me wonder
I never have to border as He leads me up the ladder

Snatched me from Satan's kingdom
Through His divine wisdom
He paid my ransom
Now, my life's so handsome
Oh! so sweet to enjoy freedom

Translated from darkness
By His love that's priceless
His grace is matchless
Adorns me with success
Wow! Enjoying His fullness

Hm! Satan was fearsome
But my God is awesome
His promise is wholesome
His word is so winsome
And is for as many that'll come

I no more fear the night
'Cos I've got the light
I no more fear the fight
'Cos I go in God's might
Fully under His sight

The presence of the Lord
Is the essence of His word
And the preference of His sword
Is a reference that He's God
I'm an evidence that His love's shed abroad

The point is this
I'm happy I'm His
Some that think they tease
Don't know what they miss
So, become His in ease
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