Marriage life

You've got to know
How to take it slow
With the rhythm of the flow
In order not to spoil the show

Before you cast a stone
Think of your own
How you flopped in the zone
That time you felt you were alone

Be sincere to your soul
Strive to make things whole
You've got to play your role
To achieve marriage's goal

For better for worse
No divorce
No matter the loss
Marriage's a great course

Let the bliss continue
And the sky be always blue
The grass refreshed by love's due
Let the love ever new

To get love to the peak
Mind the way you speak
And never use a trick
To get what you seek

Even though not perfect
Just try to be direct
'Cos pretence has an effect
That makes deception reflect

Don't neglect your house
Be faithful to your vows
And try not to arouse
The anger of your spouse

Show love everyday
Defend it in every way
Making up is okay
Giving up's out of the way

Always on your feet
To be a true help-meet
Despite the smiting heat
'Cos it's just worth it

It's called marriage
More than courage's carriage
Not to be thwarted by age
Only death takes you off it's stage

It's a permanent merge
With a divine wedge
You must keep your pledge
And not break the edge

Make no reference
To any difference
Since you're your spouse's defence
In every sense

Breach the distance
In every instance
'Cos giving the devil a chance
Ends with  a shameful dance

Make sure you open
Your secret oven
'Cos a challenge spoken
Is solution awoken

Let your passion
Be with affection
Let your interaction
Produce satisfaction

Be uniquely different
Made of classic content
Be a fantastic parent
Never miss the points that are salient

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