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MR. WIZZY - emotions and feelings; chastity series at pengaze.com

Mr Wizzy
Take it easy
With all this "effizy"
Not to go dizzy

Don't make your wife's heart sore
Play no more
With the dirty whore
To be a better man for sure

You met her at the pub
Just imagine the hub
You enjoy her at the club
While your wife's now the snub

Some drinks for her to pop
As the D.J. tunes it up
Starting with a "what's up"
Till you no longer can stop

When you stoop so low
To go deeper than below
Something you should know
Is you'll reap what you sow

Now, what's this tension
Putting you in detention
What's this emotion
Of lustful deception

Since she's a slut
Forget she's hot
Or she'll take your wife's slot
Don't get your wife hurt

She's got no warranty
While your wife remains your guarantee
She's got no dignity
While your wife's a different entity

Her flavour
Is of spoilt savour
So make sure you endeavour
To do your self this favour

You'll have yourself to blame
If you're that lame
To let your story of fame
End with shame

Happy cheating on your wife
Nemesis has got a piercing knife
You're trusting your skillful strife
But forgetting you can't cheat life

Have you counted the cost
Of losing your wife's trust
Getting your home lost
All because of lust

Better join the winning team
To ford life's stream
Let love fill your heart to the brim
To cherish that one girl of your dream.
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