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I respect her body
More than money
Sweeter than honey
When she makes me horny

She's so full of glory
That she changed my story
Making me merry
At the times that I worry

She's the perfect help-meet
That I'm so glad to be with
She lifts me to my feet
At the times I'm unfit

Her glorious kiss
Makes my pains cease
My affections increase
As I love her in ease

Sure! I'm just a man
Loving this special woman
Really cherishing her than
Any other human

Her faithful love still grips
My heart that still trips
Oh! Still cherish her hips
Still wanting her lips

My heart makes this joyous leap
'Cos my love for her's deep
The love she sows is what I reap
She'll always be mine to keep

I'll love her in the storm
Even beyond the norm
'Cos in a certain form
She's more than a mum

With all the strength I acquire
I'll love her in the fire
And yet, won't tire
To take her higher

I love her charity
Amazed by her purity
My queen of beauty
So faithful in her duty

She's sent from God
To always give the word
That drives me forward
Rather than backward

Come whatever
She's my perfect lover
Partners for ever
Inseparable by whatsoever

Till death do us part
We'll tread love's path
Playing our different parts
Just like from the start

Our heart's at rest
'Cos we place love first
Eradicating the voice of any pest
That trys to affect our love-nest

She's my only wife
And wife for life
Despite the sea's strife
I'll protect her from life's knife

She's like a mother
I need no other
Loving one another
Keeps our home in order

Mother of my kid
Perfect one indeed
Just the one need
In whom good deeds are hid

My love for her won't fade
But will upgrade
To the best grade
That's ever been made

She's not a sex toy
May not be troy
But the mother of my boy
My very joy

Though the mother of my girl
I can still tell
That she's still that Angel
I met as a beauty damsel

She aids me when I'm sick
My strength when I'm weak
Helps me not to panic
She's so fantastic
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