STRANGE GIRL - sweet like potato but dangerous like calypso

Fresh like tomato, Sweet like potato
But not a place to sow, 'Cos she's dangerous like calypso
Maybe she's loaded, Don't forget she's also coded
Though perfectly situated, She's very infected;
If you can't handle titanic, Then, she'll make you panic
The eventual show's a trick, The aftermath'll make you sick
Disguises to be whole, But after a goal
As hot as coal, Not good for your soul

A charming photo, With an unknown lotto
Dancing in the show, That's all you know
An adventure for pleasure, Connects you to this whore
Willing to give it to you raw, Till all ends in an eye-sore;
Possessing the power of lust, And trying at all cost
To get your very trust, Just to get you lost
People say she's special, 'Cos she's so social
Like interracial, Her way's commercial

Anywhere she goes, Is where they rain the shows
Kills the shows with a dose, Of the best she knows
What a strange girl, Like a deep well
Though a beautiful damsel, she isn't an Angel;
She lives a double phase, Deceit in her ways
Twill really be a case, If she's the kind you chase
She'll willingly dance in the rain, Just for you but not in vain
Since her way's not plain, She could drive you insane
She'll paint your robe with stains, Drain joy from your veins
Disregard your pains, Just after her gains
She's a sharp knife, So run for your life
'Twill be a life of strife, To think she'll make a wife;
Her shiny eyes, Is full of lies
So be very wise, And think twice
They say love is blind, Yet, it's kind
So make up your mind, Not to be intertwined
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