The Christian Soldier

Satan may be a jester
That tries to mock your star
But you have got a master
Who's the Alpha and Omega

Oh! I see them
Blinded by the system
Following the wrong anthem
Sinking in sin's problem

As a soldier holding God's sword
I've come to all, preaching His word
Opposing the devil that rules this world
'Cos I'm standing on the side of the Lord

I know the sea's there to ford
Enduring the pain of the striking rod
Striving to attain my divine reward
Which Jehovah is ready to award

I'm a divine breed
Not driven by greed
God's child indeed
My dad supplies all that I need

It's a raging war
But victory's sure
Since Jehovah, my anchor
Has made me a man of valour

My assignment's crucial
My duty's special
Divinely social
Very interracial

Though the road's not so familiar
I believe my mission's peculiar
And have known quite earlier
That I'll face Satan the liar

Got to be bold
Just as of old
Against any strong hold
That bothers Christ's fold

Leaving as a student
That's diligent
Living as a sergeant
That's Godsent

Always doing
What God's saying
And fulfilling
What He's wanting

Built by the Lord
To wield His sword
Lifted by God
To yield to His word

Still running some lapse
Yet won't collapse
As I use divine maps
To cover these gaps

Being short of breath, I gasp
Ignoring the pains that sting like wasp
As I let go the life's pleasures I now unclasp
To focus on the price to grasp

Operating not just by vision
Nor just by revelation
But by Jehovah's recommendation
Of His word of salvation

Based on the Rock of Ages
That's recognized by the sages
The author of life's pages
And controls all it's stages

In a sentence
His unwavering license
Of ruling with a difference
Is my greatest fence of defence

No cause for alarm
Since He protects me from harm
Preserved like a bottled jam
I'm who God says I am

Was an infant
But now a commandant
So being vigilant
Is very significant

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