Emeka: Hi! Akpors, what's up?
Akpors: Not to bad.
Emeka: Why are you looking so dry?

Akpors: It's a sign of poverty.
Emeka: Poverty is really a disease! Anyway, I believe things are gonna get better
Akpors: But ol boy! You're really looking good; what's the secret behind it?
Emeka: It's actually my dream life.
Emeka: I enjoy a lot in my dreams; I always enjoy life at Mr.Bigg's.
Akpors: OK I'll try it. I really hope 'twill be helpful.
Emeka: Hei! Make sure it's Mr.Bigg's that you eat from.

....... *next day* .......

Emeka: Hei,how fa? I hope that stuff really worked. I see thatyour belly's already protruding.
Akpors: Guy!! I should have been a dead man by now if not for God.
Emeka: But how?.
Akpors: When I got to Mr.Bigg's, I ate a lot of bread until it finally got stuck in my throat only to wake up and realized that the foam of my pillow case was almost finished.

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