There was a house of a drunkard with a very big hole dug in it. One day he came back very drunk and this was what happened.
DRUNK MAN: Open the door.
WIFE : Today I'm not opening the door I'm tired of your drinking.

DRUNK MAN: If you don't open I will throw myself in this hole and die.
WIFE : Die NAOW, hahaha you even don't have any use in this world.
The drunk man carried a very big stone and threw it into the hole and boom it made noise.
The wife on hearing this, wraps herself with a towel and opens the door. Immediately, the drunk husband enters the house and closes the door leaving the wife outside.
WIFE : (shouting) Open this door or else i will make noise and neighbours will come here .......
DRUNK MAN : Oh go on make noise and when they come you will explain to them where you are coming from dressed in a towel.

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