Alinco's dad (Mr Kappudon) converses with his son
Kappudon:     Alinco,I learnt your JAMB result is out.
Alinco:         Daddy can you remember John who always comes first in our whole school
Kappudon:     Yes, yes

Alinco:        Daddy, he failed woefully
Kappudon:    That's terrible! What happened?
Alinco:         Can you also remember Paul who always comes to teach me at home?
Kappudon:    Of course I do
Alinco:        He failed too.
Kappudon:     So what's causing the poor performance?
Alinco:        Daddy I don't know at all. Even Kelvin who won the Cowbell competition also failed woefully.
Kappudon:     Anyway, how was your own result?
Alinco:         Can you also remember Okon, our senior prefect? He failed as well
Kappudon:     (Angrily) Boy, Tell me about your own result!!
Alinco :     (angrily) If all those people failed, what should you expect of mine ?

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