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FUNNY THINGS MOST AFRICANS DO - funny jokes at pengaze.com

⦁    Arriving late to an occasion just because we feel others would arrive late too - AFRICAN TIME.
⦁    flashing another phone with  a private number.
⦁    Talking at the top of your voice when on phone.


⦁    Wearing sun glasses at night.
⦁    Running in the rain even when already wet.
⦁    Answering questions with questions.
⦁    Using 'o' at the end of everything.
⦁    Calling every elderly family friend uncle or aunt.
⦁    Travelling to South Africa for one week and returning with an American or British accent.
⦁    Sewing uniformed outfits for everyone during special occasions.
⦁    Habit of crushing chicken bones and fish bones due to Calcium
⦁    Habit of inviting people to occasions someone else invited us to.
⦁    Our Mothers remind us of  their nine month pregnancy when we refuse to go on errands for them.
⦁    Seeing a person awake in the morning and still asking him/her "you don wake?"

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