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Baba God, I deh hail oh, u too much 4 my life, I loyal like loya milk, na why I dey call you jehovah talk and do, Jehovah effizzy,
the ginger of my swagger, the area father. I thank you for the way wey you take dey send Angel Micheal come use umbrella cover us even wen devil say make gombe rain wey dey cause wahala fall put for our head. I know say at times ehn, I nor dey just try at all. Abeg baba nor reason am. E dey totori my belle as you take dey just lock up for dat kind of my mata. Baba God,  disgrace me with blessings, kidnap me with your angels make devil nor see me. God punish dat devil wey bihin talk sey e no go beta 4 me, make crowd gather am beat, I cover my my sef wit the drums of jesus blood. Bros J na my witness, amen.
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