LOVE - defining love; part two (02)

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Love's the key
To really be
Above the stormy sea
As we sail on God's mercy


The way you feel
Despite it's burning zeal
Will be no big deal
If it isn't real

An attraction
Without Love's conception
Is deception
That Leads to the heart's infection

Though Love is interesting
What is it's meaning
Is love a feeling
Let's visit it's beginning

Oh! What's even it's essence
How's it's preference
Has love got a defence
Does love make a difference

The law of love and attraction
Has been in operation
Right from creation
From God's action and reaction

There's no fear in love
Since the source of love
Who sits on the throne of love
Is Love; God is love

You don't love when you fear
Fear makes the road unclear
Places you at the rear
To make despair come near

Love has a connection
With genuine satisfaction
Love's intention
Is your Joy's perfection

Love's full of gratitude
Which elevates the altitude
Of your attitude
In a hopeful magnitude

Love is reduced when you hate
Hatred which erupts anger in a rate
That feels your heart's slate
With thoughts that irritate

Love's a force
That can carry any cross
Without a feeling of loss
It's the most powerful force of course

part 1,   part 2

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