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THANK YOU LORD - a praise and worship series at pengaze.com

Though days have gone by
I won't say goodbye
The passing years ask why
My resolve shouldn't die

Christ's my solid ground
The best one I have found
He turned my life around
To hear this joyful sound

I see some on sinking sand
But He is the rock on which I stand
On my way to the promised land
My life is in His hand

Many have tried
All their best to hide
From life's rising tide
All the same they died

Despite His Lordship
He offered me friendship
He's the safest ship
That the oceans worship

No surer anchor
To stand the oceans core
None other can love more
Than this king I adore

The lifter of my head
Life-source to the dead
My way's perfected
When I'm by His Spirit lead

I still ask myself why
This great Elshadai
Decided to lift me high
Beyond how I could try

His great sacrifice
Was the huge price
That shut Satan's lies
To unveil the blue skies

Just as he vowed,
He freed the crowd
That were lost in the cloud
The deliverance was loud

Only a great fool
Wouldn't count it cool
To be grateful
For a freedom so useful

Here I am
To thank the great I AM
He's the I AM THAT I AM
Who has delivered me from all harm

Year after year
He's always near
To hold me dear
Driving away fear

Month after month
I see Him in front
Increasing my font
And providing all I want

Week after week
He keeps me unique
I'm no more weak
But moving to the peak

Day after day
He leads my way
So with Him I'll stay
Never to go astray

Oh My God
Thanks for your word
Oh! Thank you Lord
For being my God
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