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Eggistu, a house boy usually sneaks into his master's room to drink his wine. After drinking his master's wine, he adds water to top it up. One day his master bought a new wine called pasties; a french wine that changes colour if water is added to it.
Eggistu unaware of this, sneaks into his master's room, drank the new wine and added water on it. The wine immediately started changing colour.
Eggistu: Oh My God, I am in big trouble.
He ran to the kitchen. Meanwhile, his master and madam were sited in the parlour. While Eggistu was in the kitchen, his master sends for his wine. Eggistu runs in to get the wine, hands it to his master and returns to the kitchen. The following conversation ensued after his master noticed the change that happened to his wine.
Master: Eggistu
Eggistu: Master
Master: who drank my pasties?.
.......No answer!......

Master: Eggistu, I said who drank my pasties?.
......No answer......

His master walked to the kitchen and gave Eggistu a dirty slap.
Master: Are you insane or what?. Why is it that you responded when I called you but didn't when I asked you a question.
Eggistu: Master, I heard no question. I only heard my name.
Master: Liar!!! Can you prove it ?
Eggistu: Sure! I can.
Master: Is that so? Okay go to the parlour, stand beside madam and ask me a question while I stand here.
Eggistu did just what his master said....
Eggistu: Master!!!!
Master: Yes, Eggistu
Eggistu: Who goes into the maid's bedroom when madam is not at home?.
........No answer..........

Eggistu: Master!!! Can't you hear me, I said who usually sneaks the house girl's
room when madam isn't at home.
......No answer.......

His master runs out of the kitchen.
Master: Wonders shall never end. Eggistu, it is really true, when one is in the kitchen, one can't hear any questions. All I just heard was my name.
MADAM: That's not true. It's a lie. I never believed you'll cheat on me. Oh My God.
Eggistu: Madam, do you want to be tested?.
Eggistu: Alright, just go into the kitchen
She goes in immediately
Eggistu: Madam
MADAM: Yes, Eggistu
Eggistu: Who is Junior's biological Father?. Is it Master or I
Madam rushed out of the kitchen
MADAM: This kitchen needs to be fumigated o, I can't hear anything at all except my name.

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