Who art thou mountain
Causing my pain
You shall become plain
Never to rise again

As they went two by two
Make sure you do
What He says to you
And He'll bless you too

I'm never alone
But with Christ, the cornerstone
Peace is all I've known
Since I've been in His zone

He made sure He fought
All the battles Satan brought
And made all I sought
To always come forth

I've got grace for all I face
I've got grace in all my ways
Grace for all my days
Grace to take my place

Was tired of trying
Wearied of sighing
Was engulfed in my crying
Till He gave grace abiding

I was lost in Satan's pit
Until Christ's light was lit
I was tired of being beneath
But now sit beside Christ's seat

The enemy's tentacle
Can't choke my miracle
'Coz I'm an Oracle
In God's tabernacle
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