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I need your grace
In all my ways
Satan won't raze
Me to the base
But grace will raise
Me to the place
Where I always
Will ever base

Lord give me grace
For this my race
So that I'll trace
Your divine pace
In this life phase
I need your grace
For all I face
In my life's race

Help me to gaze
At your light rays
So that by grace
In you, I'll base
My eye won't glaze
O'er what God says
But by His grace
I'll give Him praise

I've been in daze
So dry, but grace
Set me ablaze
With a great blaze
And by this grace
I won't go craze
To spend my days
In satan's maze

To your x-rays
My life I raise
To cleanse my ways
Just by your grace
Oh by your grace
I am an ace
For where I chase
Your holy palace
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