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Are you proud of who you are?
Where it's led you thus far?
With the vision of a star
Did you learn from any scar?

Your heart's intentions,
Uncertain emotions,
Your true actions,
Unchangeable decisions

Does your personality
Reveal your identity?
Is reality's practicality
Expressed in your activity?

The place of wisdom as guide
Must be undenied,
Maybe there're things to hide;
A little sense of pride

A few have vowed
To be proud
Of making their identity loud
Amidst any crowd

Many are busy
Trying to make life easy
At a time democracy
Has turned an open hypocrisy

An attitude-similitude
Without altitude
Affected by the attitude
Of the multitude

Living a life of reaction
To others' action;
An altered direction
Of life's intrusion

Maybe that feeling of shame
Spurred up all in the name
Of others seeing what you did lame
Is only but a game

Ever asked yourself why
You feel so shy
Rather than high
About some actions you try?

Man seeks fame
And not shame
And wishes to frame his name
On life's wall of fame

Easy to flow with the tide
'Cos its road's wide,
But many have cried
'Cos wisdom wasn't their guide

Certifying the real you
Isn't by what you openly do
But your deeds that's true,
And actions in the dark too.

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