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Free from Satan's slavery
Escaped divine furry
And this unction I carry
Was received for free
'Cos truth can't disagree
That He died on that tree
Those stripes offered Him injury
To make me healthy and merry

He was meek and cool
Yet non as powerful
Some say He died like a fool
Yet He now rules all that rule
I ain't a great-fool to be ungrateful
To my King, most faithful
Who made my soul peaceful
And my life graceful

Though meek
He wasn't at all weak
His death seemed tragic
But has made us unique
His rising wasn't magic
But a divine classic
His rising to the peak
Was just fantastic

He died in pain
But lives again
Once was slain
But now does reign
Death drained His vein
To cleanse our stain
Suffered not in vain
For His glory will ever reign

Lord of every lord
God of every god
He created the world
Just with His word
Destroys any slavery cod
With His flaming sword
Streams are easier to ford
Since He broke my heart's pod

I searched for who
Can do the things you do
Found none other so true
None compares to you
Your Love's that divine glue
Attaching me to you
Wherever you head to
Is my direction too

Haha, none like my Jesus
Emmanuel, God with us
When some discuss
They say you suffered loss
Through the death on the cross
Which benefited us of course
Wow, that's the true source
Of this glory so gross
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