LIBERTY UNTO WORSHIP - A poem of worship and praise to God

Free to enter in
And worship from within
Been set loose to win
'Coz I'm free from sin

I worship you
From a heart that's true
A heart made new
And refreshed by your dew

King of kings
Unmatched by the lord of the rings
The joy your love brings
Is invisible to death's stings

Greatest life donor
You deserve all honour
You're the king of valour
Whom I'll forever adore

God of creation
My hope and salvation
In every situation
I'll forever give you adoration

To every question, you're the answer
Than people's opinions, you're greater
In bad times, you're the comforter
At good times, you're still who you are

None can do the things you do
Seen no love so true
I'll forever worship you
Even in bad times too

Your love that I feel
Has been so real
Pushes me to kneel
With my surrendered will

Oh, my messiah
You're my desire
Oh, baptizer
My worship's entire
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