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I'd never give up to my sorrow
But keep fighting till tomorrow
I'll trust God who watches the sparrow
My problems, to Him I'll throw
And He'll take them in a row
At morning, the cock'll crow
Then my joy will overflow

I refuse to wallow in fear
'Coz I believe God's near
To carry my care
And wipe away my tear
As well as the burdens I bear
I'll listen to Him everywhere
To escape satan's snare

God daily makes me happy
His word keeps me free
Closed doors open before me
To enjoy the blessings I see
'Coz I possess the Spirit's master key
He divided my red sea
Yet, asked for no fee

As I sought the face
Of the ancient of days
I felt His grace
Reaching me with bright rays
To tread His unknown ways
And trace His mysterious pace
To the very place of His base

When I became afraid
I made sure I prayed
Till He came to my aid
Through His love that can't fade
haha! My debt was paid
By the sacrifice He made
To grant my soul an eternal shade

When my life was bad
And all seemed hard
He still remained my dad
And called me lad
Though satan tried to make me sad
With all the power he had
Aba father eventually made me glad

Uhh! I lost my Godly aim
When weakness made me lame
All the same
My redeemer came
Called me by name
Blotted out Satan's claim
And forgot about my blame
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