I know who I am
The son of I am
Who I am says I am
Is exactly who I am

Been branded a celebrity
By the king of authority
'Cos His spirituality
Replaced my depravity

Shown from God's scripture
I know that I'm a new creature
With the complete stature
Of His glorious picture

I'm recreated in His likeness
For complete greatness
Got a divine newness
Through His righteousness

A christian by nature
Heading to my future
With a divine posture
Of spiritual structure

I'm God's righteousness
Recreated unto holiness
Through the fullness
Of Christ's faithfulness

I'm a believer
And divine receiver
Freed from the deceiver
By the great Jehovah

Freed from spiritual death
By divine birth
I have overcome death's threat
Through life's breath

No need to worry
'Cos my name's victory
For God's glory
Replaced my ill story

The battle won
Made me God's son
What Christ has done
Made me Spirit-born

I'm an oracle
In God's tabernacle
My life's a miracle
That'll ever sparkle

I'm a worshipper of the Lord
Doer of His word
Wielder of His sword
I'm a child of God

My heart was stony
But now a testimony
Sweeter than honey
With joy unbought by money

I now know
I'm a spiritual commando
'Cos my hero
Outmatches every foe

I'm a king
Soaring on eagle's wing
Joy bells ring
To the rhythm of what I sing
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