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It's a fact
That you need to interact,
And infact
Make your contact intact

You need to restrict
The wrong he'll depict
With a tatict
Of being strict

Get him appreciated
Through things you initiated;
Some values should be negotiated
Rather than just dictated

What he needs is a word
And not a sword;
Even in not sparing the rod
Keep in mind that you ain't God

Be the parent
That keeps him content;
Be the president
That keeps him confident

The good seed you sow,
Agape love you show,
Is for his tomorrow;
That's the best he should know

Even in your crave
To make him behave,
He ain't a slave
To be trapped in a cave

Owning him's a privilege;
Disowning him's breaking an edge,
So make yourself the pledge
To make the bond a life merge

Take heed
To be a parent indeed
Even in your very deed,
Since you've made him your kid.
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