Anyone not worth showing your real self to
Isn't worth being your spouse
Isn't worth living with you
'Coz two of you won't fit in one house

Nothing as good as a groom
That understands your pain
Nothing as good as a bridegroom
Who chooses to be plain

A guy that'll dry your tears
A lady that'll ease your mind
A guy that whispers love to your ears
A lady of a caring kind

You may wreck yourself
If you let that love dissolve
So you've got to check yourself
With the greatest possible resolve

Trying to be Love's master
But with the wrong code
Only a fool runs faster
On a wrong road

Got to let go first
Of temporal pleasures
To lay hold on the best
lasting treasures

Only a great fool
Calls confidence pride
That's why it's cool
Not to be the one to hide

You've got to pay now
In order to play later
That's basically how
To make the future better

Choosing not to appreciate
The good in your partner's life
Makes love depreciate
And generates emotional strife

The reasons for Love's extinction
In many relationships
Is 'coz hearts are always  in detention
In the wrong partnerships

A major watch word
Is ''Look before you leap''
So that the ''relation-SHIP'' you'll board
Won't make you weep
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